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The Marquis Surrender's -- Pearl Wolf
The Marquis Surrender's

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Dying to Teach -- Pearl Wolf
Dying to Teach

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Originally released by Hilliard and Harris Publishers, 2003

Song of Miriam -- Coming to eBook.

1787-1850— Miriam is the young and beautiful wife of Dov Zeklinski, a cruel and ambitious financier. They were raised to take their place among Royalty during the time of Catherine the Great without sacrificing their Jewish heritage. In their quest, they find favor with the powerful Prince Potemkin who, having built a formidable empire, has arranged a pilgrimage to the new southern provinces, part of the Ottoman Empire he conquered for his beloved czarina, Catherine The Great.

Neglected by her husband, Miriam falls in love with Count Alexei Razovsky, Potemkin’s handsome aide-de-camp, but palace intrigue threatens their love, at the same time as Dov s ambition creates enemies for all three. This story of love, loss, and redemption in Czarist Russia contrasts beauty, hideous prejudice and violence within the unrelenting landscape of great wealth and abject poverty.